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    Why Move to Manchester in 2023 – The Top 10 Reasons

    16th January 2023
    Why Move to Manchester in 2023 – The Top 10 Reasons - Victoria Riverside
    Why Move to Manchester in 2023 – The Top 10 Reasons - Victoria Riverside

    The year’s only just beginning, and there’s still time to turn over a new leaf and make some belated New Year’s Resolutions!

    If you need some inspiration for how to revolutionise your life then what better place than in a city which has been important in the history of the world? A place that was once the beating heart of the Industrial Revolution, since then a sports mecca, a music groundbreaker, a business hub, a cosmopolitan centre of culture and diversity, and one of the UK’s most liveable cities.

    We are, of course, talking about Manchester!

    The UK’s second most-populated city, there are plenty of reasons why a move to Manchester in 2023 is a great idea.

    And forget about any preconceptions you might have about this city – it’s undergone incredible regeneration over the last few decades and now gives London a run for its money. It’s not grim up north!

    Here are just ten of the reasons to move to Manchester


    1. Cultural hotspot

    If you’re looking for a city in the UK that’s rich in culture and history, then you can’t get much better than Manchester.

    It was the first city to really kick off the Industrial Revolution, capitalising on its system of canals and dewy weather to make the country rich in the cotton trade, invented the first commercial railways, to later go on to pioneer in scientific fields.

    It was here that Ernest Rutherford split the atom at Manchester University in 1917, and the world’s first computer was created in Manchester. 

    All of that has not stayed in the past – this pioneering and industrious attitude seeps into the present day ethos of Mancunian life.

    These days you can soak up the cultural vibes in Manchester by taking a trip to one of its plethora of theatres, cinemas, art galleries, and museums.

    Step into multi-purpose venues HOME and The Lowry in nearby MediaCity, where there are year-round programmes of theatre, dance, music, exhibitions, and much more.

    Amongst the city’s museums and galleries are the People’s History Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, the Imperial War Museum North and The Whitworth.

    Aside from them, there’s also the unique National Football Museum, which pays homage to that king of all pastimes in Manchester – the Beautiful Game.


    2. Sport

    Manchester was once famed for being the Victorian engine of the world’s industrial progress. These days, if you say the word Manchester in another country, it’s likely that the first response will be something related to football.

    Not surprising, as Manchester is home to two world famous football teams, Manchester United, and Manchester City, and Manchester clubs have won 61% of all Premier League titles.

    If football is your thing then you’re going to love the atmosphere on Derby Day, and you can take guided tours of both United’s iconic Old Trafford stadium, and City’s Etihad Stadium.

    Cricket fans will also be able to indulge in visits to the Emirates Old Trafford Stadium, one of the five host venues during the Ashes series.

    If you prefer to participate rather than watch, get active at the top-notch facilities left over from the 2002 Commonwealth Games, with gems such as the Manchester Aquatics Centre, Manchester Velodrome, and the Regional Athletics Arena now open for public use. Or grab your skis, snowboard, or sledge and head to the Chill Factore snow centre.


    3. Places to eat

    One of our favourite reasons to move to Manchester is that the entire city centre, and beyond, is packed with bars and restaurants where you can quite literally get your fill of any type of cuisine that takes your fancy.

    Whether it be something spicy on the famous Curry Mile, the UK’s best pizza, vegan kebabs, Chinese food, a bottomless brunch, or a sushi date, there is something for everyone here.

    If you consider yourself somewhat of a foodie, then there are some higher-end restaurants to be found in the city which can compete with any other major European food scene. Amongst those worth visiting are Mana (Manchester’s first Michelin-starred restaurant since 1977), Adam Reid at The French, and Where the Light Gets In (located in nearby Stockport).

    4. Buzzing nightlife

    Why move to Manchester? Well, for one, weekend plans are never dull.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that the nightlife here is of legendary status. And, as with the food scene, there’s something for every taste.

    Whether it’s a quiet evening with colleagues after work or a full-blown night out on the tiles, Manchester is guaranteed to hit the spot.

    There’s a booming craft beer scene here, thanks to the multitude of microbreweries springing up in recent years – think Blackjack, Brightside, The Epicurean, and Marble – they’re all Manchester based. One that’s gaining in popularity is Shindigger, which was founded by two Manchester University students.

    Grab some after-work drinks in the hip Northern Quarter, sup on delicious cocktails in sophisticated Spinningfields, or dance til dawn in the fabulous Gay Village.


    5. Music

    Another thing that comes to mind for most people when you mention Manchester, is its incredible music scene, both past and present!

    Manchester has produced some internationally famous music artists, among them the Stone Roses, the Bee Gees, Oasis, Happy Mondays, The Smiths, and Take That.

    The city is building on its music legacy by hosting live music of all kinds.. 

    There are regular music festivals such as Parklife, big concerts at the Manchester Arena, the Albert Hall, and the O2 Apollo, and nightly gigs at independent venues throughout the city.

    The Northern Quarter is where you’re likely to catch a band every night of the week, where places such as Gullivers, Soup, Matt and Phred’s, and Night & Day Café provide platforms for up-and-coming artists to launch their careers.

    So why move to Manchester? To be ahead of the music game at every turn, that’s why.


    6. Countryside escapes and city breaks

    If your New Year’s Resolution was to get fit this year, then Manchester’s plum location in the north west of England, nestled between the glorious Peak District and the gorgeous Pennines will make getting out and about easier than ever.

    Greater Manchester has quaint market towns, traditional pubs, beautiful greenery and waterways – all within easy reach.

    In any one of the picturesque locations located just half an hour outside of the city centre, you can enjoy nature walks, cycling routes, breathtaking views and acres of stunning national parks.

    If you’re new to the north of England, then naturally you’ll be keen to explore other parts of the region. The good news is that Manchester is not far from other great cities like Leeds and Liverpool, and you can easily reach them by car, train or coach. 

    Maybe this year you’re hoping to start travelling abroad again. No problem – Manchester has its own international airport with daily flights to hundreds of global destinations.

    But what about travelling within the city of Manchester?

    More good news…


    7. Transport links – commuting has never been easier

    If you make the move to Manchester in 2023, one thing is guaranteed – your daily commute will not be an issue. Unlike the vast sprawling, complicated underground network of London, or the infrequent services of smaller towns and cities, Manchester has got it made when it comes to public transport.

    The city’s Metrolink tram system runs regular, reliable services throughout the city centre and further out into areas of Greater Manchester like Altrincham, Bury, Salford Quays and MediaCity. It’s really easy to use thanks to its contactless tap-in-tap-out system, so there’s no stress surrounding tickets either.

    There are also train services from any one of the many railway stations throughout Manchester, as well as bus services that run from around 6am to midnight, throughout the week.


    8. Warm people and diverse living

    If you decide to make Manchester your home in 2023, you’ll soon realise that for what the city lacks in terms of tropical weather, it makes up for in the warmth of its people.

    Mancunians are known to be friendly and unassuming, often making conversation in everyday places like bus stops and shop queues.

    Mancs also have a great sense of humour, don’t take themselves too seriously, and have their own terms of endearment and slang. So even if you’re new to the city, you won’t feel isolated.

    You’ll also be living in one of the most diverse cities in Western Europe, where around half of the city is multilingual and 4 in 10 young people can converse in more than one language. That makes for some great cultural interchanges, a fascinating cultural dynamic, and the feeling that you’re in a welcoming environment.

    So whether it be among the hipsters in the Northern Quarter, the swish bankers in Spinningfields, or the creative media set in MediaCity, you’re sure to find your niche.


    9. Cost of living

    We all want to live well, and to feel fulfilled in our professional lives and feel comfortable and content in our living conditions.

    In previous years, things have become more difficult for many people. In 2023, the cost of living is at the forefront of most people’s minds, with prices for food, housing, clothes, transportation, personal care, and entertainment all increasing at an alarming rate.

    The best news is that the cost of living in Manchester is significantly lower than in London and many other places in the UK.

    Renting a property in Manchester is significantly cheaper than a comparable property in central London. Buying is also much more affordable, and much more feasible here thanks to lower house prices.

    With most places within walking distance in the city centre, petrol doesn’t have to be an issue, not to mention that the public transport links are reliable and cheap. 


    10. Job opportunities and education

    Why move to Manchester?

    One big pull towards moving here is that there’s a great job market.

    If you’re looking for a new career move, there are innumerous openings in a wide range of industries, with brands like Kelloggs, Adidas, Siemens, Missguided, Umbro, The Co-operative Group and the Peel Group all having headquarters in Manchester. In nearby MediaCity in Salford, there are opportunities at the BBC and ITV, among other media outlets.

    Whatever your field is, you’ll find something – Manchester is home to workers in business, ICT, medical, media, creative, biotechnology, real estate, digital, food, sports, and financial and legal services, and according to the Office for National Statistics, there were 23,390 enterprises in Manchester in 2022.

    So as you settle into your brand new Victoria Riverside accommodation, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re in the centre of the action – and on the up!

    If this list of just a few of the great reasons to move to Manchester has piqued your interest, contact us here at Victoria Riverside today to find out how you can secure your place in this amazing UK city.

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