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    Welcoming Autumn in Your New Flat – Top 7 Interior Design Trends This Season

    06th October 2022
    Welcoming Autumn in Your New Flat – Top 7 Interior Design Trends This Season - Victoria Riverside
    Welcoming Autumn in Your New Flat – Top 7 Interior Design Trends This Season - Victoria Riverside

    Autumn is a beautiful season. The nights get longer, there’s a crisp chill in the air, and the trees are filled with colourful, crunchy leaves. 

    A new school term begins, the temperatures descend and your winter wardrobe changes to reflect the warmer tones adorning the streets. You’re moving into a gorgeous new flat, everything is a blank slate and ready for you to leave your mark.

    This is the perfect moment for fresh starts.

    We’re here to give you some autumn interior design tips and suggestions for how to make your new abode a cosy autumnal paradise.


    1. Warmer, darker colours

    One of the most stunning parts of Autumn is the changing colours as leaves fall from the trees in glorious shades of orange, red and gold.

    You can make your home reflect the warmer tones that are appearing in the streets by filling your house with warm greens and rich, dark tones.

    The idea is to evoke a calming, cosy atmosphere – the ideal setting for curling up with a hot chocolate, a blanket and the latest Scandi drama series.

    Warm, dark earthy colours such as reds and browns work really well with candlelight and white lightbulbs, helping to create a really snug glow as the evenings draw in.

    You can complement these nature-inspired tones with wooden furniture, objects found in nature for decoration, and by covering your sofa with a bedspread or picnic blanket in autumn colours. 

    If you’re looking to create more of a statement with your autumn interior design, then grey is the on-trend shade this season. The best thing about this colour is its versatility. It can go with more eccentric designs and be combined with copper to add depth and warmth.

    Copper is perfect for smaller touches like light switches and kitchen appliances.

    For final touches, add in some houseplants, nature-themed artwork and perhaps a vase of flowers.


    2. A rustic farmhouse vibe

    Another great tip for autumn interior design is to introduce nature art such as botanical illustrations, foliage, and images of playful animals. You can even incorporate it into your wallpaper or fabrics. 

    When it comes to kitchen design, consider getting an Aga or Range Cooker installed to give a real country feel to your home. The kitchen so often becomes the heart of a home and adding in some farmhouse interiors can really make it a focal point.

    Farmhouse style means unfussy and functional pieces, to give a well-lived in and well-loved feel.

    Sometimes this look is called ‘Cottage Core’ and has been a popular interior design trend for the last couple of years. It blends traditional with stylish, cosy spaces to create a welcoming and relaxing environment. 

    Solid wood flooring, wooden kitchen furnishings, elegant lighting and organic textures are key to this trend. Add in a sprig of Lavender and you’ve recreated the typical idyllic country home.


    3. A reading nook

    Snug is the keyword when it comes to autumn interior design this year. It’s also a word that springs to mind when you think about curling up with a book on a rainy autumnal day.

    That’s why we’ve included a reading nook in our list of autumn interior design tips.

    We recommend setting aside a corner in your apartment where you can place a comfy chair, a bookcase, and a floor lamp. Add in some plush cushions, a side table to hold your hot chocolate, and some thick blankets. Sounds like paradise to us! 

    If you don’t have space for a full-on bookcase, you could erect a floating shelf.


    4. Rattan

    Autumn is not the season for polished, shiny materials. Think instead of more natural materials like cane, wicker, and rattan.

    It’d been a popular autumnal design for a few years, and it’s weaving its way back into our homes this year too (pardon the pun).

    Rattan chairs, storage baskets and lampshades add an extra rustic feel to your home. You could even decorate your reading nook with some dainty rattan string lights.


    5. Layered comfort

    Winter is coming, and we all go into hibernation mode one way or another. Cosy comfort is the top autumn interior design trend that we are interested in.

    One way to achieve that comfort is by filling your home with some layered, soft textures – checkered chunky knits, wool and tweed will convert your home into a rustic retreat. 

    Perfect for keeping you warm as the nights get chillier.


    6. Mirrored and high shine finishes

    Mirrored surfaces are on trend for autumn interior design this year. They are a great way to add a dash of sophistication and brightness to your space.

    Something as simple as a mirrored coffee table accompanied by a deep pile rug adds a touch of glamour to your home.

    When it comes to actual mirrors, the current trend is to opt for wavy shapes rather than rigid outlines. Think contemporary twist on groovy ‘60s interior design ideas. Eccentric shapes are where it’s at when it comes to vases, lampshades, and even cushions and stools


    7. Spa bathroom 

    Autumn is a time to practice self-care. 

    As the days shorten and the darkness starts to take over, it’s important to show yourself a little extra love.

    Our final tip for autumn interior design is to try and create a spa vibe in your bathroom

    Those grey tones we spoke about earlier go well with cream shades to create an elegant spa feel.

    A wooden bath tray makes the ideal support for a loofah, a book, and a glass of wine for a de-stress session.

    Maybe add in some elegant teapots to keep at hand so you can indulge in a hot drink while soaking in a comforting bubble bath.

    By following just a few of these autumn interior design tips, you’ll have created the ideal seasonal ambience in your new flat. All that remains after that is to put the kettle on, curl up on the sofa in your Victoria Riverside apartment, and enjoy this most comforting of seasons.

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